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New installation, newdesign…
Magnificent views of Lake Van from ski lift; Van-Gevas

Erzincan Ergan Dağı Telesiyej Tesisi 1. ve 2. Etap (2010)
Erzincan Ergan Mountain Chairlift Project have attained by STM SİSTEM TELEFERİK. Totaly 5.100 meters, as two sections of chairlift installations with detachable grip, will be delivered as turnkey to ERZİNCAN Province. You can follow the technical data and the photos from references page.

Aydın-Grup Gondol
The new Group Gondola system of Aydın, which was built according to international standards, is since February 2009 open to public. You can get technical information and new pictures of the system from our references page.

İzmit-Kartepe Ski Center
The ski-lift,which will serve from 2008 Winter Season in Kartepe Ski Center is delivered to the authorities in June, 2008.

Ankara --Keçiören
Ankara meets with a unique ropeway sight. All the tower works of the Ankara detachable gondola project, which was finished in June, takes attention with its giant towers. You can find the technical features of the ropeways system, which will be delivered in November , in our reference section.

Hakkari - Merga Bute
The new Surface lift , which is only 12 km. from the Hakkari Center away in place Merga Bute , will be operate in Winter 2012 as the first modern system of the Ski-Centre Hakkari.
PRODUCTS & SERVICES / Ropeway Systems / Detachable Gondola
This type of systems that combines high speed and quality with safety, is an ideal choise for the complexes. In these systems that are both preferable in winter and summer tourism, capacity of the gondolas varies from 6 persons to 15 persons.The most important property of the modern designed gondolas is the possibility of carrying the bags with the passengers. Due to its detachable grip, the system can decelerate in the stations and provide a safety landing for passengers though the system can speed up to 6 m/sec on the line. The transporting capacity of 3600 p/h can vary according to the system and type of gondola.
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